I live in Asheville, NC I like to mellow out and enjoy life/the moment/ what i can. I try not to let things put me down, instead i try to do the opposite and let things get me high. I'm pretty simple. I like Longboarding/skateboarding, I'm a music addict and actually host a radio show. If you have any questions feel free to ask anything you please...............By the way, I'm Jefferson and I'm Colombian, so i taste like coffee.

Dont get it twisted it that aint no cigar 
That nigga kennedy rolled the fat purp blunt

whimsical canoe pencil crayon sketch
Album by Manchester Orchestra: “Cope”

We’re going on an adventure! 
HAHAHAHA das mah boi

A detail from the Matrix, by Keith Haring, 1983. The entire piece is over 30 foot long, material ink on paper. / Google

Keith Haring - 1981